Lisa Donohue with “Tears of Epione” headdress |  photo by Kook Teflon

Lisa Donohue with “Tears of Epione” headdress | photo by Kook Teflon

Lisa donohue

encaustic, sculpture, stained glass

artist bio

Lisa Donohue has been a resident of West Seattle for over 24 years and has been deeply inspired by the mountains and forests of the Pacific Northwest. She credits her artistic sensibilities to a free-spirited upbringing that allowed her to explore her surroundings and feed her imagination. Her early experience caring for young wild animals at Sunriver’s Nature Center in central Oregon greatly influenced her lifelong love of the natural world. Lisa maintains a fascination with old-world craftsmanship and has been fortunate to travel extensively to experience it up close. She brings this reference into her encaustic work in the form of expressive and asemic calligraphy, weathered textures, botanical forms and assemblage ephemera.

Lisa enjoys perusing antique shops and architectural salvage yards, and is always looking for ways to incorporate found objects and vintage materials into her sculptures. Much of her latest work is inspired by symbols, colors and imagery derived from observations of nature and its cycles. She also finds inspiration from her rare episodes of sleep paralysis, which produce profoundly vivid dreams. Works are sculptural and play on tactile organic forms, translucence and shadow. She finds the experimental nature of encaustic medium a fitting tool for expression and experimentation — its unpredictable properties can lead to forced abstraction, allowing space for intuitive process.


Upcoming Exhibitions

Past Exhibitions

  • 2018 / October Lacrimosa joint exhibition/event, The Machine Shop, Whidbey Island WA | Event Info. & Submissions

  • 2017 / July #OneOf Arts Festival, The Machine Shop, Whidbey Island WA

  • 2017 / March Silver Ball joint exhibition, Museo Gallery, Whidbey Island WA | Submissions & Artist Statement


  • 2018 “Lacrimosa at The Machine Shop”, WhidbeyTV Productions video | View Video


encaustic canvas & sculpture

Artist Statement


Encaustic canvas, LED

Artist Statement