Jonquil Dreadful

Jonquil Dreadful

jonquil dreadful

photography, mixed media

artist bio

My name is Jonquil Elise Dreadful. I live in Seattle and have been living in and around Washington since June of 1997. I was born in Detroit and grew up near Ypsilanti in southeast Michigan, halfway between Detroit and Ann Arbor.

As a small child I enjoyed simple pencil sketching on the backsides of the scrap paper. My father, a retired engineer from Ford, was an avid pencil sketcher, I suspect my proclivity may have been born from his example. My parents also loved outdoor activities, camping, and gardening as well as general forest and ground stewardship. I can’t say I loved helping them pull weeds and pick up walnuts, but I did enjoy my time outside digging in the dirt and finding worms and beetles, caterpillars…frogs etc…The best part of gathering fell sticks near the road was spotting dead animal treasures crawling with maggots.

My dad taught me to fish. I enjoyed the sport of landing a large fish, naturally, but the best part was cleaning and taking apart my fish to prepare for food. The preparation was far more entertaining then the eating…to see the fish from the outside in and handle their bones and guts was fascinating. Though I enjoy those memories and lessons, I would like to state for the record I am currently a devoted dietary vegetarian.

Creating complex hair architecture became my transition to multi-textured art on fixed substrates. I began experimenting with various two part resin mediums, plaster, and polymer clay dough on stretched canvas and then adding various fibers, acrylic paint, screen, metals, alcohol inks and other miscellaneous found items. I have explored the intricacies of developing collage art, assemblage projects, art dolls, accessories, needle and wet felt, soldering glass and metal, and combined elements of each of those. Though I briefly was interesting in photographing portraits of friends, for fun, when I was 18 I hadn’t explored photography, outside of marketing photography for my business, until September of 2016. I purchased a macro lens for my business, to capture sparkly detail up close, and then transferred that interest to insects, moss, and things that live in dirt. These inspired an interest in capturing the compositional artfulness and emotional nuance of decay. Recently I began seeking out spiders, spiderwebs, dead insects, dead animal remains, mushrooms, earthworms, decomposing leaves and compost…etc…

I am new to creating with encaustic medium and I am fascinated by how it builds in ethereal layers. I’m very enthused to learn and practice with it on its own and in combination with my photography.

In addition to art creation, I am currently a licensed cosmetologist, licensed cosmetologist instructor, and a business owner residing in Seattle. I specialize in hair building techniques like dreadlocks, and hair extensions.


Upcoming Exhibitions


Past Exhibitions

  • 2019 / March Art/Not Terminal Community Show, Seattle WA

  • 2019 / January Art Walk @ Restyle Clothing Consignment, Tacoma WA | Event Info.

  • 2018 / October Lacrimosa joint exhibition/event, The Machine Shop, Whidbey Island WA | Event Info.


  • 2018 “Lacrimosa at The Machine Shop”, WhidbeyTV Productions video | View Video